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Arizona Escape Rooms Mesa
Escape Rooms Mesa

Phone number: (602) 632-1542
Facebook: escaperoomsmesa 
Twitter: escaperoomsmesa

  • MAD HATTER'S TEA PARTY: The Mad Hatter has tricked you in to the Red Queen’s Tea Room because he wanted to know her secrets to health and beauty for the last 200 years. Now you must escape her mysterious room in an hour or it will be “off with your head”!
  • CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS: While looking for adventure, you and your friends find an abandoned ship to explore. While you are on board the ship leaves land, and you must make your way out of the Captains Quarters before the crew finds you and makes you walk the plank!
  • THE LEGEND OF THE LOST DUTCHMAN: Your History Professor, Dr. Waltz, a descendant of the Superstition Mountain Miner, may have a critical piece of the map to the Lost Dutchman’s Gold. Examine his office, follow the clues, and locate the map before he returns from class or you will be going to jail instead of prospecting.
  • ROB THE BOOKIE: You put your family’s prized heirloom up for collateral on a sure thing. You were going to win and they would never know. Unfortunately, luck was not with you that day and the horse stumbled. You lost everything. You HAVE to get that heirloom back or you are out of the will and out of the family.
  • STEAMPUNK: You and your friends stumble upon a strange workroom and accidentally set off the machine you find there. When things jump back into focus, the time machine is old and partially disassembled. You only have 1 hour to repair the time machine, and get back to the present before the time loop closes and you are lost in time forever!
  • HANSEL & GRETEL: The Witch has her Revenge! You must find a way to reverse the magical incantations so she is the one stuck in the gingerbread cottage for the rest of time, and not you!
  • 51: Come explore the Truth in this conspiracy based room. All based on actual events that may or may not have actually happened. Discover the secrets of the unidentified and the unexplained in this 51 Themed Room.
  • CARN-EVIL: Mr. Chuckles, the local clown party performer is holding a few tricks up his sleeve. Kids from the area have been disappearing, and you are convinced he’s up to something. You decide to sneak into his home and see if you can find something to link him to the crimes.
  • ZOOKEEPER - FOR KIDS: The local zoo keeper has taken an emergency trip to rescue a rare animal in need. You had volunteered to help today, but didn’t get any instructions before she left. Follow clues and solve each animals needs before the zoo closes in an hour and you are locked in tight!
  • JEKYLL & HYDE :There’s two sides to every escape room The room you’ve been “dying” to play is finally here! We can’t Hyde this room from you, anymore. The Doctor is in!
  • SUSPECTS[b]:You’ve been hauled in for crimes you didn’t commit. You have one hour to piece together the puzzle and figure out who the real criminal mastermind behind it all is, before you are thrown in jail for life.
  • OUTBREAK[b]:A lethal virus has been released in the lab! You and your colleagues have 60 minutes to decontaminate the lab before the safeties kick in and all life in the room is extinguished.
  • DRAGON SNACK[b]:There are rumors of a treasure inside the abandoned castle walls. You decide to go treasure hunting, but alas, thar be dragons! Will you be able to find the treasure and make it out alive? Or will you be a dragon snack?
  • DOLL HOUSE[b]:Be prepared to be scared, this new room will haunt your intellect and sensibility.
  • DISCO[b]:You were invited to the disco. Is it business or pleasure? Will you be the victim or the investigators? Be careful, the zodiac killer is still out there, and you might be his next dance!
  • FROSTY[b]:This winter create your own wonderland and help build a snowman! Holiday decorated, but good for all winter occasions. Come enjoy the magic of the holidays with us.
  • ESCAPE THE WINERY[b]:This is for the Escape Room Bus to come to you! This beautiful bus has been a national treasure on YouTube and the Tiny Home circuit, but of course, we bought and converted it to Escape the Winery! We come to you in Metro Phoenix.

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