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Arkansas Mystery Mansion
Mystery Mansion

Phone number: (501) 786-0469
Facebook: mysterymansionescape 
Twitter: mansion_mystery
Instagram: mysterymansionescape

  • SuperNova: Renowned Astrobiologist Dr. Foster is on the run from RosRock Industries, the “Big Brother” of science research.  Dr. Foster and his elusive lab partner were working on something top secret …so private that even RosRock didn’t have a clue.   Dr. Foster went on the run but before he did, he encoded all his research and work for you to explore.
    You must find his research that takes you through a maze of high tech puzzles, codes, and secrets.  Can you complete his mission?
  • Foster’s Fortune: Another great room full of mind boggling puzzles, clues, codes, and SECRETS.  You are secret service agents in search of stolen Double Eagle Coins from the Mint in 1933.   The US was on the gold standard and gold reserves were critically low.  President Roosevelt banned gold to solve the problem and by doing so created the most rare coin on earth.   
  • Riddle High: Step back to the 80s when you enroll at Riddle High School.  Your school has an unfair detention policy and you and your classmates are fed up.  You develop a plan to save the school by breaking  into the detention room and steal the slips.  Can you assemble the right breakfast club and get out on time?
  • Santa’s Naughty List: Santa is not coming because your name has landed on his Naughty List and that will not do! Posing as carolers, you and your team must find the list and erase your names. May involve eating cookies. Be prepared to have Christmas cheer for all to hear, spread joy and love, and help your fellow carolers .
  • POTION MASTER’S APPRENTICE: Isaac the Wise and Weird has started to see his age at 157 years old. He has created a trial for only the most talented, cunning, and brave Potion Master-wannabes for the title of Apprentice. The challenge is to beat his trials and prove yourself worthy of the title.  Each trial has it own mystery and magic within. 

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