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Connecticut trap't Escape Room Adventures
trap't Escape Room Adventures

Phone number: +1 (203) 569-0011
Facebook: traptct 
Twitter: traptct
Instagram: trapt.ct

  • Time Chasers: Race for the Cure: Play one of Room Escape Artist's 2017 Golden Lock-In Award Winners. As a new recruit of the Time Chaser Corps, you must travel through time to find a cure to save President Palmer from near death.
  • Tremors on the Tracks: Coming soon: While vacationing in New York City, you find yourself trapped in the subway after a very violent earthquake. Can you escape before the station collapses?
  • Museum Mayhem: The Stamford/Connecticut Museum was trashed by vandals. Can you fix the galleries before tonight's Gala event?
  • Abducted: Escape from the Madman: You've been grabbed off the street and kidnapped by a crazed madman. You find yourself locked in a closet with no idea where you are. Can you escape before he…

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