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Delaware Great Escape
Great Escape

Phone number: +1 302.294.1039
Facebook: greatescapedelaware 
Twitter: GreatEscapeDE
Instagram: greatescapedelaware

  • A PAPER COMPANY IN SCRANTON: It's 4pm in Scranton, PA. You have just made your 5th mistake. A certain pesky salesman's accountability booster (doomsday device) is all set to send those nasty emails to the new CEO! Can you figure out his password and turn off the machine by 5pm?
  • DR. TYKNEE'S LABORATORY: Good news everyone! Esteemed professor Dr. Tyknee’s daughter is getting married,and you’ve all been invited to the wedding! unfortunately, there’s a few hiccups to deal with before she can get hitched: the ring is locked in a laboratory drawer, and experiment #0451 ate the key. The ceremony’s in an hour, and cracking open the desk drawer is not an option (as for retrieving the key, don’t even ask) . Dr Tyknee is too caught up in wedding bliss to give you proper instructions on how to operate the Shrink Ray. The only left to do is activate Tyknee’s prototype shrink ray and crawl through the key hole so that grandmother’s ring can be grabbed before the wedding begins! It’s kind of you to volunteer. Just finish signing the standard inter-dimensional displacement waiver, and we’ll get you tiny for Tyknee!
  • LOST CITY: Following the footsteps of Dr. Quindiana Jones, you have found The Lost City! As you begin your excursion, uncovering what used to be, you start to notice things aren't quite what they seem. Tales of the spirits tell you what actually happened to the people, and the city. Before they make their return, can you finish what Dr. Jones and his team started? It's up to you and your team of explorers to find the escape route put in place by Dr. Jones, before the time is up, and you become lost forever!
  • SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: You are a team of special operatives working for a clandestine government organization called "The Agency". You arrive at a local safe house to get your next assignment to stop the latest terrorist threat; suddenly you find out your safe house has been compromised and you are trapped in the room. Your captor, the evil terrorist group known as “The Establishment” has imprisoned you in the safe room with a ticking bomb.  Can you figure out how to find the backdoor exit out of the room before the bomb takes you and your team out of the game once and for all? 
  • A WIZARDS JOURNEY: You are a wizard that has used your powers over the years for good and to save many people from evil.  As a result, you have managed to make some very powerful enemies along the way.  You return home from a much needed vacation to find a message from the most evil of all of your enemies.  He has captured your best friends and is holding them hostage at your old school.  You have an hour to get there and save them before he turns them into more of his evil minions.  Can you arrive in time and figure out how to vanquish your evil rival and save the day?
  • IN A GALAXY FAR AWAY: You are a team of rebels that have all been dispatched to Moon City above the planet of Valpar in order to try to locate the severed hand of a famous space knight that was lost in a fight with the evil emperor.  Your intel suggests that the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy has found the hand and is planning on selling it to the highest bidder so that they can use its DNA to create a powerful army of space knights.  Your team enters the lair and calls in a bomb threat to get him to vacate the premises.  He leaves in a hurry, so now is your chance!  Find the hand and get out of there before he realizes it was a hoax and returns to deal with the culprit.  You have 60 minutes… You’re our only hope!
  • WALKERS: The zombie apocalypse has finally happened! You've been able to survive by banding together with a tight group of other survivors. Your group is on the run and comes across signs for a sanctuary location. Your group makes its way there only to find it's a trap and another group of survivors captures you and your party. They lock you in cages, as they have adopted cannibalism due to a shortage of food. While you are locked up, the site begins to be overrun by a huge group of zombies. Now is your chance to escape! Can you get out before they return or even worse, before the zombies attack?

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