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Florida Doldrick's Escape Room
Doldrick's Escape Room

Phone number: +1 407-507-0506
Facebook: doldricks 
Twitter: doldricks
Instagram: doldricks

  • SUPER BOMB SQUAD: COMMANDOS AWESOME: As part of an elite group of commandos, The Super Bomb Squad: Commandos Awesome are on a mission to find and deactivate a newly developed weapon of mass destruction, capable of obliterating the entire planet! Only the Super Bomb Squad: Commandos Awesome have what it takes to break into the evil corporation and deactivate the explosive!
  • CAPTAIN SPOOPY BONES AND THE MAGNIFICENT QUEST FOR SOME OTHER PIRATE'S TREASURE: Raise the anchor and set sail with Captain Spoopy Bones in this lighthearted tale of nautical nonsense! Navigate the treacherous waters aboard the Captain’s massive ship, and race against time in this grand adventure on the high seas. With teamwork, determination, and a little bit of luck, the players will uncover the secret of Captain Spoopy Bones and the magnificent quest for some other pirate’s treasure!
  • RED SLED REDEMPTION AT THE HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAY HUBCAP REPAIR: Santa's Big Red Sleigh is knocked out of the sky, it's up to you and a few bumbling elves to rebuild the sleigh so you can help save Christmas! You'll help Richie and Mikey, the world's lousiest sleigh mechanics, at the world's crappiest garage:
    'The Holly Jolly Holiday Hubcap Repair'.
    A perfect union of an Auto Shop and Mechanics dream fused with Holiday Puns the entire family is sure to roll their eyes at! Your goal is to help get Santa's Sleigh back in the sky before Christmas Morning! You'll find every reindeer-rocking, ridiculous Holiday-Infused tool and part imaginable! It's up to you to rebuild the failing sleigh inside the Holly Jolly Holiday Hubcap repair!
    Lights! Camera! ACTION!
    Players! Come on down! You're the next contestants on: Spoopy's Ghoulish Graveyard Games! Join Spoopy Bones LIVE on Stage as you work your way through the Ghoulish Graveyard! Do you have what it takes?

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