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Georgia Escape The Space
Escape The Space

Phone number: +1 706-389-5931
Facebook: escapethespace 
Twitter: escapethespace
Instagram: escapethespaceathens

  • Arcade Escape: Well team, you may have been CRAZY enough to sneak out last night... You may have been SNEAKY enough to hide away until the arcade closed and the staff left. But after a long night of chaotic fun, it is now time to focus. The mall will be opening to employees in exactly 60 minutes. This means the guards will be checking in, and as we all know...none of you want to be here when those two guards show up. You have one hour to figure out the biggest game of all...YOUR ESCAPE
  • bunk'r: While touring some insane bunker sights, you find yourselves exploring an extensive, and strange, private family bunker! While exploring, just one of the many arms of this bunker, your team has somehow triggered the emergency lockdown sequence. Immediately sealed (for your safety) into this have 60 minutes before the the entire facility locks down for 25 years! Find the secrets, solve the puzzles, and as always...Escape The Space!
  • Bomb Defusal Training: It’s time for you to have a #blast. This newest escape room is designed with training in mind. You don’t need to know anything coming in. We are here to teach you how to defuse the stuff that the robots can’t. You and your crew will train, and test yourselves in this fun filled, fast paced room. Opening in the coming weeks.

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