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North Carolina The Final Door
The Final Door

Phone number: +1 803-602-2433
Facebook: thefinaldoorescaperoom 
Twitter: TheFinalDoor
Instagram: thefinaldoor

  • THE SACRIFICE: You’ve been kidnapped by a fanatical cult, intent on using you as a human sacrifice in their next dark ritual! You and your fellow kidnappees have only one hour to figure out how to get out of the dark holding cell before they come back for you to complete their evil work, summoning forth who knows what vile creatures!
  • BLACKOUT: The Columbia Killer wants to play a game, and has taken you and your friends hostage in his basement making you unwitting players! A huge storm is sweeping across the area, and to make matters worse, it has caused a blackout. With only the lightning to guide you, you’ve no choice but to play along with the killer’s twisted machinations, or be yet another missing person in tomorrow’s news!
  • THE VAMPYR: A wealthy nobleman has contracted your team of monster hunters to take care of a big problem he has with his newly inherited castle. Unfortunately, it seems he’s unable to move in since an extremely powerful, and ancient, vampyr has taken up residence inside! It is up to you to break into the castle and find out where the fiend is currently hiding while he sleeps. Once you do, make sure to destroy him before the sun sets, or it’s lights out for you in more ways than one!
  • DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE: There’s trouble in wonderland! The Queen of Hearts has chased the Mad Hatter out of wonderland and he needs to get back before he’s stuck in reality forever. You’ll have to explore the many realms of wonderland to find the key to solving this problem. Be careful, this is a zany and wild trip!

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