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North Dakota Fargo Escape Room
Fargo Escape Room

Phone number: +1 (701) 532-1138
Facebook: FargoEscapeRoom 
Twitter: FargoEscapeRoom
Instagram: FargoEscapeRoom

  • HOMECOMING: PART 2: It's Homecoming 1993 at Hintsville High. You recently heard about the special Homecoming Game Vinny is planning for his gambling club and you want in. Lucky for you, Vinny's twin sister Victoria is looking for the "Best of the Worst" in school to help prep for game night. Whoever helps get Victoria what she needs gets an instant membership. Think you got what it takes? Time's ticking and the DiFranco's are not known for their patience.
  • LIFE OR DEATH: Those familiar with Hintsville know that Candy "Sweet Tooth" Malone has long been part of the town's shady underground. In fact, she seems to have learned more than disguises and distractions during her day job as a mortician. Rumor has it that between embalming and burials, Candy has somehow stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth. But several have gone missing trying to find her secret. Complete the mission, find the secret formula and live forever. Or fail and die trying.
  • C.A.T.S.: The city of Hintsville is becoming a hotbed for crime thanks to the DiFranco twins. Do you have what it takes to become part of the elite C.A.T.S. forces and bring the reign of terror to an end? If you can complete a series of competencies before time runs out you will be invited to be part of this elite group. If you can't? I'm afraid we'll have to kill you. Do you have what it takes?

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